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I read a lot of business articles and occasionally I come across some excellent quotations. All are either inspirational, insightful or educational. Although some famous quotes are included here, the majority are unique. You can find all of these on my other site, MBA Depot, but I offer them here as well for convenience. — JB

Most Recent Quotations

The great genius of capitalism—solving people’s problems—has, by necessity, a dark side: the solution to one person’s problem can create problems for someone else.This is the age-old puzzle of political economy: how does an economic system resolve conflicts and distribute benefits? A fancy derivative product may help corporate treasurers solve … [Read more]
— Eric Beinhocker, Nick Hanauer
Elevating the creation of shareholder value to the status of primary objective is based on a faulty assumption—that capital is the scarcest resource in an economy, when in reality it’s knowledge that’s the scarce, critical ingredient in solving problems. [...] This is not to say that shareholders or other owners … [Read more]
— Eric Beinhocker, Nick Hanauer
The orthodox economic view holds that capitalism works because it is efficient. But in reality, capitalism’s great strength is its problem-solving creativity and effectiveness. It is this creative effectiveness that by necessity makes it hugely inefficient and, like all evolutionary processes, inherently wasteful. Proof of this can be found in … [Read more]
— Eric Beinhocker, Nick Hanauer
If prosperity is created by solving human problems, a key question for society is what kind of economic system will solve the most problems for the most people most quickly. This is the genius of capitalism: it is an unmatched evolutionary system for finding solutions. [...] Human creativity develops a … [Read more]
— Eric Beinhocker, Nick Hanauer
We typically talk about growth in terms of GDP, though it has been much criticized recently as a measure of progress. There have been a variety of attempts to make GDP account for things such as environmental damage, unpaid work, the progress of technology, or the development of human capital. … [Read more]
— Eric Beinhocker, Nick Hanauer

Most Popular Quotations

In principle, patents open up innovations in two ways. First, they confer only temporary rights; once patents expire or are abandoned, the intellectual property they … [Read more]
— The Economist
As for the genius of innovation, clearly the one percent spark of inspiration is nurtured … [Read more]
— Stephanie Quappe, David Samso Aparici, Jon Warshawsky
Money never comes first in self-expression of any kind.— William J. Reilly
It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could … [Read more]
— Theodore Roosevelt
The uncomfortable fact for many green marketers--and targets of that marketing--is that genuinely going green would mean giving up most of the products and services … [Read more]
— David Roberts
In the higher-status service occupations, such as in the church and the army, one customarily behaves ritualistically, not rationally. In the lower-status service occupations, one … [Read more]
— Theodore Levitt
In many companies, business unit managers are rewarded solely on the basis of their performance against return on investment targets. Unfortunately, that often leads to … [Read more]
— Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad
There are two dominant mindsets in the world of business or any kind of organization. One is a productive mindset, and it says it's a … [Read more]
— Chris Argyris
The first problem with labeling a particular style of investing "socially responsible" is that it suggests that other kinds of investing are not. So it's … [Read more]
— Henry Blodget
An environment that supports learning has four distinguishing characteristics: psychological safety, appreciation of differences, openness to new ideas, time for reflection.— David Garvin and Amy Edmondson

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